Saturday 10 December 2016

Android Studio . How it works?

Android Studio

Android Studio is the integral development environment used for development of Android Apps.
It is based upon the IntelliJ Idea development environment and it is the Official development tool for Android Application development for Google play.

Android studio is based upon the concept of gradle.

So what is gradle in Android Studio ?
Gradle is nothing but a system that helps in the management of the following- 

i.repository management.
ii.Build Management
iii.Version Management.
iv. Application Signing of App.

Thus the gradle helps in each and every task for our projects which we build using Android Studio. It is also called as the Control version System (CVS) for android.

Through the help of Android Studio we are able to visually create our application that includes layouts like Buttons, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Spinners etc.

When we use Android studio we are going to use JRE or JAVA as one component and android Architecture as Another Component.

We can use collections, Utility Classes from java and we can also use Android specific classes within Android Studio.

In the next post the installation of the IDE is demonstrated click here to download and install Android Studio.


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